Boral TileSeal HT Underlayment

Boral’s Best Roof Underlayment

The most important part of a tiled roof installation is the underlayment, which is why we recommend Boral TileSeal HT – the finest roofing underlayment Boral has to offer. Self-adhered, premium high temp underlayment for tile and metal roofs that is easy to install and provides an extremely strong slip resistant surface for durability and the modified asphalt core seals around nail penetrations, making it the preferred choice of roofers, contractors, architects and builders.


  • Has been longer than 20-years since last replacement.
  • Underlayment is improperly exposed to the elements. This deteriorates the underlayment. If your underlayment is 30-lb felt paper, it is made from organic material, meaning it will fall apart and leave the wood sheathing exposed.
  • Low grade underlayment that is cheap. Find out the material your roofing contractor is using. Only use material from reputable manufacturers that have a proven track record.
  • Lack of hip, ridge closure, undersized channel’s and overall poor installation.
  • Upgrade underlayment from felt paper to synthetic material because you have done the research and are confident in your decision.

If the reasons above are some of the things you recognize, please call us at and have an insurance claim specialist look at your roof. We may be able to get you a new roof and/or refelt with $0 out of pocket cost to you.

Tile Refelt Process


Removal of old tile underlayment
1-3 DAY PROCESS: We remove the tiles and place them in a secure area while we perform a roof demolition. Essentially, we are getting rid of all the old material under the tiles of your roof.

After demolition and the wood sheathing is cleaned, we are ready to lay down the sub-floor (aka tile underlayment and in this case it is material Boral TileSeal HT).


Laying down Boral TileSeal HT
Boral TileSeal is an easy-to-install modified bitumen mortar that provides a non-slip surface, seals the penetration of nails and mechanical fasteners, eliminates the use of unnecessary nails, and reduces installation time. This amazing material remains intact in heavy foot traffic, ideal for fixing Arched Battens, tiles and UV resistant for up to six months.

It also eliminates nail holes in the backing and provides a cushion that helps prevent the tiles from cracking when walking on the roof. It is intended for use with metal roofing systems where intense heat is generated; however, it is perfect for Arizona.


You can see the process from roof demolition to what it looks like with Boral TileSeal HT underlayment installed with battens and loaded tile.

Ready for a free inspection and estimate? Call and have an insurance claim specialist look at your roof. We may be able to get you a new roof and/or refelt with $0 out of pocket cost to you.